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Memory Foam Furniture

Our memory foam was designed using the latest technology to create a memory foam that breathes better and creates less heat buildup than other memory foams. We put quality first to provide you with the best possible
bedroom furniture sleep solution for your given situation and the way you sleep. We offer beds in three firmnesses: firm, medium-firm (deluxe), and plush (ultimate). Every memory foam product we offer is made of premium 5.3 lb. density memory foam, which gives you the best value for your money and provides a sleeping surface like nothing you have ever seen or felt.

PerfectPedic's Ultimate Memory Foam Mattress consists of a 7" base and 3" of Perfect Memory Foam, plus 2" of Perfect Plush Memory Foam in its pillow top. All memory foam used in PerfectPedic Beds is 5.3 lb. density to provide the greatest bedding value available today. Our Ultimate Memory Foam Mattress provides the best in plush pressure relief for the deepest possible sleep. The ultra plush pillow top design offers indulgence for less than the competitionVisco-Elastic foam technology is embodied in PerfectPedic’s line of pillows, featuring ergonomic designs. The Visco-Elastic memory cells mould and shape to every contour of your head and neck, giving your upper body the support it needs to relax and rest your muscles and joints for a full, comfortable night of sleep.

Originally developed for the NASA program, Visco-Elastic (memory) foam pillow relieves your neck and shoulders of any pressure point allowing your body to fully relax and loosen up – with no pressure points. Memory foam pillows promote proper posture and allow your spine to stay aligned for pressure and pain free sleep. Warmer temperature softens up the foam, where as cooler areas firm up the cells, translating into soft, sensitive support when your body heat is absorbed into the pillow. For information on alzheimers please visit memory study.